Frequently Asked Questions

We look at our Ambassadors as an extension of the Aventura family and expect that before you even consider applying for the ambassadorship that you already have a great passion for our products. On the same note, we will develop a mutually beneficial relationship with our ambassadors. Please read through the requirements below to consider your willingness to commit to an ambassadorship before applying.

Please read through the requirements below to consider your willingness to commit to an ambassadorship before applying.

Who is the ideal candidate for an Aventura Ambassador? She is a woman who…

  • Shows evidence of living the Aventura lifestyle
  • Eco-Sensitive
  • Active in the community
  • Is full of life and lives an active lifestyle
  • Is an inspiration to others online and in their community
  • Demonstrates ability to articulate the brand's message and share Aventura with others
  • Demonstrates ability to influence others - strong leadership skills a must
  • Exhibits creativity in brand promotion
  • Represents the brand positively

Why be an Aventura Ambassador?

  • Receive 3 outfits for each season
  • Be highlighted on the Aventura site's ambassador page
  • Get featured on Aventura's social media sites throughout the season
  • Have your content repurposed on Aventura Blog
  • Aventura will share your social media posts
  • Sneak peeks of new products
  • Receive discount codes to share with your friends, fans and followers

What does an Aventura Ambassador do?

  • Post reviews/native content features for outfits received
  • Endorse Aventura by telling others about the brand, its products and any events in the area where the brand will be present. This includes sharing on personal website and social media accounts
  • Interact with Aventura via social media
  • Provide feedback on Aventura products
  • Allow Aventura to feature you in e-newsletter
  • Be featured on Aventura's website
  • Wear Aventura clothing and be willing to share updates and photos on social media pages
  • Share unique discount code with extended network when appropriate

I submitted my application, now what?

First of all, thank you for applying for an ambassadorship with our brand! We will be reviewing applications as they come in and will contact those that have made it into the program by the end of January 2017. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to get back to every candidate who submits an application. If you do not hear back from us by January 20, 2017, we are sorry but you were not selected for the ambassador program for this season. Please do not contact anyone at Aventura to check on the status of your application, we will contact you if we are considering you for the program. Best of luck!

What if I miss the cutoff for applying?

We only accept a limited number of ambassadors each season. If you miss the cut off be sure to apply for the following year, we'll reopen the application process in November 2017.