Jenni Chiu

Jenni Chiu


If we want the freedom to enjoy what our community has to offer, then we have to contribute to it.


Hometown: Originally – Mililani, Hawaii. Currently - Lafayette, CA

Do you have a nickname? How did you get it? My husband calls me pumpkin… does that count? I sometimes call him butternut squash, but I don’t think he likes it very much.

About Me: I am a writer, video content creator, and general online creative. I contribute to many publications, but most people online know me from my blog –, and my YouTube channel – JenniChiuTube. When I’m not behind the computer screen, I’m hiking with my family, doing yoga, or hanging with the Cub Scouts. I love social media, social justice, and people who dance.

Favorite Spring ’16 Aventura pieces: I’m a big maxi dress fan. They remind me of the muu muus I wore growing up. The Ashby Maxi Dress is one of my favorites. There’s a certain cross between comfort and elegance that I love about it. If I have an active day ahead of me, the Lyric ankle pant and Finley Hoodie is perfect for me.

Favorite Blog:

Favorite Instagrammer or Pinner: @ChristineHMcConnell. She’s an Instagrammer who bakes horror themed deserts and stages freaky (yet beautiful) images.

Singing in the car or singing in the shower: I prefer singing in the car. My children prefer that I sing alone in the shower.

Person that inspires you: My mother. We live far away from each other now, but when I think of the kind of mother I want to be, I think of her. I have very little childhood memories of her that involve anger or punishment. My memories of her are those of her patience, kindness, and honesty.

Favorite Book: I’m going to go ahead and throw an s at the end of that and make it “books”. My absolute favorite book that I own is a giant one – it’s a collection of the first folio versions of Shakespeare’s plays. I also love ALL the Harry Potter books and can’t wait to pass them along to my son. Currently, I’m reading Awakening Joy… which I’m pretty sure will be added to my favorites list.

What are you listening to right now? David Bowie – Let’s Dance

Favorite movie of all time: Dirty Dancing

Best piece of advice you ever received? Nothing is permanent. Everything Changes

What’s the most amazing experience you’ve had in your life (besides having babies and getting married): I once flew a glider plane. It was a pilot and myself in an engine-less plane. We got towed up into the sky high above the mountains by a larger plane – we were attached behind it with a cable. The moment we were high enough we disconnected from the larger plane. I thought I would be terrified at that moment, but instead it was instant peace. It was silent. No engine… just gliding on the wind… then the pilot let me take over the controls. Amazing.

Funny tidbit not everyone knows about you…but will now! I can wiggle my ears!

What does #aventuralife mean to you? How do you live it? To me the #aventuralife means both freedom and responsibility. What I’m trying to impart to my boys is that if we want the freedom to explore mother nature, then we have a responsibility to protect it. If we want the freedom to enjoy what our community has to offer, then we have to contribute to it.