Kathy Dalton

Kathy Dalton


#Aventuralife means living life to the fullest and knowing that every day.


Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT; Born in Odense, Denmark

About Me: When it comes to the outdoors, Kathy Dalton is its #1 fan. She founded Go Adventure Mom in 2012 and has never looked back. She has a passion for helping families get outdoors and to move! Her goal is to work with brands that encourage outdoor play and exploration in children. She also loves to educate families on how they can get outdoors and enjoy the fun!

Favorite Spring ’17 Aventura pieces you are looking forward to trying: Sheridan in Dutch Blue

Favorite Blog: 365milechallenge.org

Favorite Instagrammer or Pinner: Becca Skinner @beccaskinner beccaskinnerphotography.com Met her in the Fall of 2016 at an event and we got to drive around Bainbridge Island together. She’s a photographer and is the real deal.

Singing in the car or singing in the shower: I’m totally tone deaf but love to sing in the car.

Person that inspires you: My dad. He ran his first marathon when he turned 50. He’s always encouraging us children to do great things.

Favorite Book: The Name of the Wind

What are you listening to right now? My children playing.

Favorite movie of all time: Sliding Doors

Best piece of advice you ever received? Less Stuff = More Life

What’s the most amazing experience you’ve had in your life (besides having babies and getting married)? Going to Petra, Jordan.

Funny tidbit not everyone knows about you…but will now! I have an extra tooth

What does #aventuralife mean to you? How do you live it? #Aventuralife means living life to the fullest and knowing that every day, I do the best I can. That I am enough. It means that I don’t have to have high adventure everyday, but that there is adventure in the every day of life. Sometimes it’s backpacking with friends or camping with the family. Other days its going for a nature walk around the neighborhood or playing in the sandbox.