Liza Hawkins

Liza Hawkins


#AventuraLife is about finding and supporting my passions, having an open mind, helping others succeed, exuding confidence, and practicing lifelong learning.


(a)Musing Foodies:

Pursuit of it All:

Hometown: Home is New Windsor, Maryland, these days. I grew up in the Washington D.C. suburbs.

Do you have a nickname? How did you get it? No. In fact, my parents were intentional with naming their kids a certain way. They wanted us officially called the “nickname” rather than a longer one that people would want to shorten. So, I’m Liza instead of Elizabeth, and my sister is Josie instead of Josephine—officially, like on our birth certificates! It always throws people for a loop.

About Me: I’m a foodie at heart with a laid-back, practical attitude towards life. I consider myself an introverted word nerd who happens to love the hustle-bustle of NYC as much as a quiet night curled up on the couch—surprising, right? My husband and kids keep me on my toes, and yet I still find time to read obsessively, watch movies (and binge TV shows), catch up with friends, and also to travel. Warning: I’m super geeky about social media, content marketing, and copywriting.

Favorite Spring ’16 Aventura pieces: Neema Hoodie, Arden Short, Poet Tank, Ashby Maxi Dress, Harlow Short, Allura Top, Lyric Dress

Favorite Blog: Ha-ha. I love Smitten Kitchen – the stories, the food photos, the recipes. YUM!

Favorite Instagrammer or Pinner: @abrowntable on Instagram. Nik’s food (and regular) photography is unique and stunning.

Singing in the car or singing in the shower: Singing in the car. For sure.

Person that inspires you: Ruth Reichl. I’m a food blogger with a passion for cooking, so Ruth Reich’s story is fascinating to me. Her book Garlic & Sapphires is one of my favorites, and I love how she’s parlayed her background as a chef into being other things: restaurant critic, memoirist, novelist, and so much more.

Favorite Book: This is tough because I’m a voracious reader, and I love so many books—how do you pick just one? Let’s go with the Harry Potter series since I already mentioned Garlic & Sapphires above.

What are you listening to right now? Music-wise it’s Vance Joy, Mumford & Sons, Ray Lamontagne, Eddie Vedder, The Avett Brothers. I also love podcasts and Audible, too.

Favorite movie of all time: SO. DIFFICULT. I’ll go with Julie & Julia (but have a healthy obsession with The Holiday, and also the Harry Potter movies, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, too).

Best piece of advice you ever received? Don’t let feeling comfortable keep you from trying new things!

What’s the most amazing experience you’ve had in your life (besides having babies and getting married): In 2013 and 2014 I was asked to audition for a new Food Network show that was being produced about home cooks. Even though it was totally outside my comfort zone (TV – ahhhh!), I still made the trek to NYC to try out. And even though I didn’t make the cut, I made sure to enjoy every minute of the experience.

Funny tidbit not everyone knows about you…but will now! In my early 20s I had my eyebrow pierced!

What does #aventuralife mean to you? How do you live it? #AventuraLife is about finding and supporting my passions, having an open mind, helping others succeed, exuding confidence, and practicing lifelong learning.

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