Val Curtis

Val Curtis


Aventuralife is all about stepping out of your day-to-day life and being ready to take a sharp right turn at any moment.


Hometown: Friday Harbor, WA

Do you have a nickname? How did you get it? Wrong way. I am directionally challenged without a map and compass in hand. I am an awesome co-pilot with the proper tools, but if we are walking in a city and you expect me to get you back to the hotel. We will be lost.

About Me: Val is the Editor-in-chief of BonBon Break. A former middle school science/math/tech teacher, she put her career on hold to be at home with her son and daughter on an island in the Pacific Northwest. When Val breaks away from her keyboard, she enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, camping, photography, tidepooling, sailing and potlucks. She gets a kick out of combing the web for recipes and making them gluten free so she can share meals with her husband, family and friends.

Favorite Spring ’17 Aventura pieces you are looking forward to trying: I CANNOT wait for the Hartwell Hoodie and the Carrick Dress. They are so cute. Also, I adore the Redford Jacket and I am excited to add them to my wardrobe in white and black!

Favorite Blog: Ooooh, I will get into too much trouble with this one.

Favorite Instagrammer or Pinner: On Instagram, I am completely addicted to the National Geographic feed. It’s like a mental vacation every time I jump in.

Singing in the car or singing in the shower: Car…and LOUD…and with dance moves.

Best Vacation Spot: Costa Rica

Person that inspires you: Any mama who can find her center. It’s tough.

Favorite Book: Everything Barbara Kingsolver has written. I swear she is my spirit animal.

What are you listening to right now? Bright by Echosmith. I could listen to it all day.

Favorite movie of all time: This is a hard one since I love movies. “Out of Africa”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “The Scent of Green Papaya” and “The Red Violin” are all favorites for different reasons.

Best piece of advice you ever received? Never tell someone you are giving them a deal; they won’t believe you. Instead, tell them you are giving them something at your cost.

What’s the one thing you’re afraid of? Not being able to travel the world with my family. My life has been so enriched by the few journeys I have taken (Costa Rica, Mexico and The Amazon via Peru) and I want to introduce them to other cultures in the intimate way that travel allows.

What’s the most amazing experience you’ve had in your life (besides having babies and getting married): Our recent trip to Costa Rica and watching my babies identify birds and drink in the adventure and wonder all in one breath. They were genuinely loving it and it made my heart sing.

Funny tidbit not everyone knows about you…but will now! During a classroom fieldtrip, a BIG plastic ball was kicked into the water and everyone was just watching it head out into the channel (which heads out to the Pacific). I couldn’t take the idea of the kids thinking it was ok to let trash just float out, so I jumped up to my armpits, grabbed the ball and waded back to shore in my polar fleece pants and sweatshirt. Fleece dries quickly.

What does #aventuralife mean to you? How do you live it? Aventuralife is all about stepping out of your day-to-day life and being ready to take a sharp right turn at any moment. When we were in Costa Rica, my suitcase was filled with Aventura clothes and I was able to do everything from going out to dinner to repelling down a 265’ waterfall. That’s being ready for anything.