Smart Fabric Choices


Aventura & Ecōths are family-owned and operated, with a legacy dating back to 1965. We are committed to creating fashionable and comfortable clothing with a low environmental impact.

Sustainable style begins with the right fabrics

The idea started back in 2001 when our president, John Kirsch, began researching the opportunity of using organic and sustainable fibers to make our clothing with. After years of researching and testing, Aventura took off in 2006 and her brother brand, Ecōths, followed a few years later in 2014. With the use of organically farmed cotton, we support avoiding the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering. We are able to track our organic cotton from the farm to our factories to ensure we are always working to reduce our footprint. Today, over 75% of our styles use lower impact or sustainable materials. Our sustainability journey continues...


Aventura Gives Back

Aventura & Uncommon Threads

In 2017, Aventura partnered with Uncommon Threads, a “boutique” style clothing program where survivors of domestic violence and women in need receive styling services and new clothes. As part of the partnership, Aventura donates new clothing quarterly to this unique boutique that gives women the opportunity to be outfitted to raise self confidence and feel empowered in their daily lives.

Uncommon Threads was founded by The Midlife Fashionista blogger, Susan Kanoff, who drew upon her background as a wardrobe stylist and social worker to launch the organization. Women who visit Kanoff’s boutique have been referred by a social worker, doctor, church, social service organization or a therapist. For a $10 donation (waived if the woman cannot afford it), Uncommon Threads offers these women everyday clothing that makes them feel beautiful and raises their self-esteem.

“Our goal has always been to create clothes that enable women to feel good about looking great,” said Tom Williamson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aventura. “We are excited to play a part in helping Susan’s dream become a reality and assisting these women who are trying to get back into the workforce and become a part of society again.”

You can learn more about Susan’s mission and Uncommon Threads at

Join Aventura in our giveback and feel good about looking great.

ECOTHS Gives Back

Ecōths & the Fight Against Hunger

Hunger continues to be a major issue in the United States. Most recent studies show that 14 percent of households in the US experience food insecurity. These families do not have reliable access to enough affordable and nutritious food. Many of these families depend on Federal or local subsidies to provide them with food (

We believe that you must be the change that you wish to see in the world so when we launched Ecōths in 2014, we created our 3 Campaign, a philanthropic program with the focus of fighting hunger in America.

For every Ecōths garment purchased, a minimum of three meals is provided to someone in need through partnerships with regional food banks across the country. Every garment has the ability to feed one person for one day!

200,000 Meals & Counting...

This commitment to ending hunger has resulted in the donation of more than 200,000 meals since 2014.

We continue to be inspired by the individual lives that Ecōths and our 3 Campaign have helped to change and strive to provide more.

Together we can be the change that we want to see.

Join Ecōths in our giveback and feel good about looking great.