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Eco-Friendly Fabrics


Sustainable Style Starts With The Right Fabric
Organic Cotton
Why it’s eco-friendly: Organic cotton is the same as standard cotton except it is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetic engineering. Cotton that is grown organically improves soil quality and often uses less water than conventionally grown cotton.

Why you’ll love it: Organic cotton retains all the qualities you love about traditional cotton; it’s soft, breathable, and easy to care for. Because it’s grown without the use of harmful chemicals, you can feel good about looking great!

Recycled Polyester
Why it’s eco-friendly: Recycled polyester uses post-consumer waste like plastic bottles or polyester fabric remnants to create new polyester fabric. Not only are these materials kept out of landfills, but using them also reduces the need for raw materials to manufacture new fibers.

Why you’ll love it: Recycled polyester is just as soft, lightweight, and easy to wash as the original!

Rayon from Bamboo
Why it’s eco-friendly: Bamboo is a renewable resource which means that it is depleted at a rate slower than the rate at which it regenerates. It grows incredibly fast, up to four feet per day, and doesn’t require the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or a lot of water.

Why you’ll love it: It is strong, naturally wrinkle-resistant and machine washable. Clothing made from bamboo fabric tends to be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which makes it an incredibly versatile option that is as easy on your wallet as the environment!

Why it’s eco-friendly: Hemp is considered a high-yield crop that produces a significant amount of fiber per square foot without exhausting the soil. It requires no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers and very little water.

Why you’ll love it: Hemp doesn’t wear out- it wears in! Valued for its strength and durability, hemp gets softer every time you wash it. Not only is hemp strong, it also holds its shape, preventing garments from stretching out or becoming distorted. Hemp is breathable and naturally mold and mildew resistant, making it a perfect choice for warm, humid climates.

Why it’s eco-friendly: Soy fabric a by-product of the production of food items like soy milk, soybean oil and tofu. Instead of going to waste, the soybean hulls are used to create this useful fabric! Soy is naturally biodegradable and is often grown in fields to replenish nutrients in the soil.

Why you’ll love it: Nicknamed “vegetable cashmere,” soy fabric is lightweight and luxuriously soft, yet durable and easy to care for. It is machine washable, naturally wrinkle-resistant and naturally wicks moisture away from the skin.


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