Aventura | Women's Eco-Friendly & Fair Trade Clothing

Reducing Emissions, Looking Fabulous

Airy, soft, and easy on the environment, organic cotton is spring’s favorite fiber.

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Clothing with Conscious Origins

We realize the choices we make as a company affect the Earth & people around the world.
We’re committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing, from our fabrics to our factory partners.

Breathable Tops Make For Comfortable Days

Dreamy, lightweight organic cotton helps you keep you cool, even as the temps rise.

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Organic Cotton Travel Essentials

Exuding effervescence to inject fun into trips to the beach or store.

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Endless Comfort, Effortlessly

Every spring wardrobe deserves organic cotton dresses…especially with pockets!

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Best-selling Arden Collection

Versatile and comfortable, our best-selling Arden collection is back and your ticket to effortless style. Crafted with organic cotton, they're soft on your skin and gentle on the planet.

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Fair Trade Empowers Women

Fair Trade Certified™ is more than a fair wage and humane working conditions. It is a way for women to take their power back.

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Earn up to 20% back towards future purchases.

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Why Fair Trade?

For every Fair Trade Certified product sold, we pay an additional premium directly back to the workers who make our clothes.

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Conscious Origins

A healthy planet requires all individuals and companies to adopt a greener existence. The choices we make as a company affect the Earth and people around the world.

Still Family-Owned

Our family company began in 1965 in the back of our father’s station wagon in Southern California, selling tennis shorts.

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