Help Us Welcome Old Ranch Brands Online!

Help us welcome Old Ranch Brands Online!

Old Ranch Brands is Aventura’s sister brand and truly a piece of the Kirsch family. After all, the brand is inspired by the family’s childhood home on Old Ranch Road at the base of the Sierra Nevada.

The brand was established in 2019, but you might not have heard of it because, up until this point, it’s only been sold through our network of partner retailer stores. Over the years, these small, family-owned shops have shared a bit of our vision and helped us grow this brand. While we still encourage you to find Old Ranch Brands at your local retailer (click here to find yours), we are very happy to announce that you can also shop for the brand online!

Collage of John Kirsch Sr and Kirsch siblings throughout the years.

John Kirsch Sr. and the Kirsch siblings through out the years

Old ranch family house in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Our childhood home and namesake on Old Ranch Road

Collage of fall Old Ranch Brands men's and women's styles.

Classic styles, classic fits.

Old Ranch Brands has a flavor all its own, though it shares roots with Aventura. It is a brand inspired by the outdoors (just like us!) but it caters to both women and men. Its design also has a different flair, offering classic styles with classic fits.

Look good, feel great.

The brand was founded because we kept seeing our favorite outdoor brands abandoning their heritage designs and classic fits that gave them their names. All of a sudden, their core products like plaids took on modern fits that didn’t make us feel comfortable. Worse yet–some brands took these styles out of production altogether. We wanted clothing that makes us look good and feel great, and we figured we weren’t the only ones.

Collage of men's and women's Old Ranch Brands styles.
Collage of men's and women's fall Old Ranch Brands styles.

Made with intention.

Old Ranch Brands upholds our standard of providing quality clothing that is comfortable to withstand whatever the day brings. The clothing we design at Old Ranch Brands is made with intention. We use cotton as much as possible to create natural fabrics that are comfortable, look great with denim, and are easy to care for. We fit each style on different people in our office to ensure it will work for all body types. But, most of all, we create Old Ranch Brands with our loved ones in mind.

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