Mom's Best Fashion Advice

Mom Knows Best - Or Does She?

We were curious, so we asked all the ladies in the Aventura Clothing office what was the best (or worse) fashion advice they've gotten from their moms and what kind of fashion advice they give to the next generation. The results are funny, truthful, endearing, and wonderful to hear. It reminds us that fashion is more than aesthetic pleasure. It is a representation and expression of who we are, a piece of our personal history and culture that we share with the outside world.

What we wear can inspire confidence and influence our mood. Fashion is more than just fashion, and mom definitely knew that!

Portrait of Kathleen and her daughter.


Design Director, Head Merchandiser and Co-Owner of Aventura Clothing

For years my daughter only wanted to wear her brother’s hand-me-downs, and nothing I could say would deter her from that. I have always been in awe of how comfortable she is wearing what she wants to. In high school she wore Birkenstocks with tall socks and Lululemon shorts, WAY before it was popular; I cringed, but she just told me she liked it and she didn’t care what others thought. I really don’t know if I influenced her style at all, BUT; I do know one thing I told her stuck – don’t worry about the size of the garment, buy the size that fits you, it will always look better on you and be more comfortable.

I’ve always told Bailey to just cut the tags out, it’s no one’s business! When you’re comfortable you will be confident. I am proud to say, that my daughter has grown into the most beautiful young woman, and is still crushing her style! I wish I had half the confidence she has.

Portrait of Michelle and her daughter.


Credit, Accounts Receivable Specialist

Growing up, the only thing my mom ever said about my clothes was "No..Nope..GO CHANGE". I was a fan of short skirts and tight jeans and she wasn't. I thought she was so unfair.

As a mother of daughters myself, I now understand that my mom wasn't trying to be mean but protective. BTW I looked good in that neon pink mini-skirt.

While my girls were growing up, I wanted them to be free to experiment and express themselves so the only advice I ever gave them was "Don't ever forget to respect yourself." How you dress reflects how you feel about yourself. I think that was good advice because they grew up knowing that self-respect is always in style.

Portrait of Jeanie.


Web, Catalog, and E-Commerce Assistant

I was a teen in the ’70s. My mother’s mantra was “pretty girls don’t need makeup”. OK. That rule got broken when I left for college. Sorry Mom!

Portrait of Cindy.


Human Resources, Accounting Specialist

My mother always (seriously, like all the time) told me never wear black or neutral colors. I should wear colorful clothing. Of course, I've always veered toward those. ~chuckles~

Portrait of Helena.


Aventura Clothing Copywriter

My mom and I still watch Project Runway together to this day! Fashion and appearance were never given the almighty but my mom always strived to look nice. She always took her time to pair her outfits, coordinate with accessories, and add fun threads of color that flowed throughout. For example, she would wear slacks and a blouse with flowers on it, then match the color of the flowers to her purse or to her shoes. Her earrings and necklaces are always coordinated with each other, too, never ever mixing gold and silver! I definitely learned cohesion from her and ways to tie outfits together. In this way now, I feel like I can wear a top in a million different ways.

Portrait of Caitlin.


Aventura Clothing Brand Manager

My mom had very little interest in clothes, since she basically lives in hospital scrubs.

But – my advice with Charlie is super similar to what Kath said to Bailey. I tell Charlie every time we go shopping: We buy clothes that fit our body; we don’t try to make our body fit clothes. The size on the tag is inconsequential. Teaching this to her, to love and accept her body as it is, and all the things it is capable of, has helped me to believe the same things of my own body and approach to buying clothes.

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Clothes should be empowering and make you feel great about yourself, not worse.