Our Ambassadors Pick Their Favorite Styles

Our Ambassadors Pick Their Favorite Styles

With a new season underway, our ambassadors tell us which styles they have been obsessing over. What surprised us was how many chose styles that travel well.

From sitting on long plane rides to exploring far-off wonders (including that new Netflix series you’ve been dying to watch), here are the five styles our ambassadors tested so that you can enjoy.

From Claudia

I am in love with the soft and stylish Roma Traveler Pant. These comfortable, slim-fit cargo-style pants have what every traveler needs: great design, pockets, and wrinkle-free fabric, making it easy to move from airport to hotel to a night out enjoying the passeggiata in a Roman public square. The pull-on high waistband is smooth and easy to wear, especially when seated for hours at a time on an intercontinental flight. And six well-designed pockets quietly add practicality to these stylish pants. They're my new favorite addition to my frequent flyer wardrobe.

If you have the travel bug like Claudia, the Roma Traveler Pant is a great option. This style is adapted from our five-star-rated Roma Crop Pant which won y’all over because its a great compromise between stiff work pants and leggings. Not to worry –– the lovable soft, stretchy fabric is the same for our Traveler.

From Stef

“I’m traveling more than I’m home, so when I saw the Roma Traveler Pant, I knew I needed to have it in my life! They are so soft and comfy, with a gentle and wide elastic waist that makes them my go-to pants whenever I want to look good, yet still feel like I’m wearing cozy loungewear. Bonus, they don’t wrinkle at all, which I especially appreciate when traveling. Plus they go with everything, so it’s easy to mix and match with them!

“In these pictures, I’m pairing the Travelers 3 different ways using my favorite orange-colored Paloma top. It’s the softest, most lovely organic cotton! It’s perfectly understated in that calculated casual way we all try to pull off (“what, this? I just threw it on, but thanks!”) and yet still it has cute details like the snaps at the sleeves—and you can just tell you’re wearing something high-quality. It’s great all on its own but I also love to wear it with two of my other Aventura favorites— the super cozy and flattering Anytime Pullover with its adorable drop sleeves, and the ridiculously-soft Killian [Shirt] plaid with its fun fall-colored pattern.”

Another vote for the Roma Traveler Pant! Stef did mention that she had a hard time picking (“I love them all!”), but that is especially true of the tops and sweaters from our Fall 2023 Collection. Here, she mentions three of her favorite eco-friendly tops: the Paloma Top, Anytime Pullover, and Killian Shirt. We think these are great options too (especially on the go).

From Nicole

“I am obsessed with this Perfect Jacket! That’s the name but it really is perfect! It is so soft and warm and feels like a hug when you put it on. I paired it with the Dog-Walker Legging for even more warmth and comfort. I truly want it in all of the beautiful colors.”

That cozy feeling Nicole loves is thanks to this jacket’s velvet touch fleece back –– need we say more? Warm with a slim silhouette, the Perfect Jacket is great on its own or layered with other winter styles.

From Tamara

“The Rhyder Pant in Deep Lichen Green has been my go-to pant this fall! The soft corduroy is comfy and warm and the color is a perfect match for so many of my sweaters and flannels. I find the fit very flattering, with a flare leg that elongates and slims at the same time. I’ve already gotten so many nice compliments when wearing these pants.”

Made from 67% organic cotton into a ‘70s-inspired, wide-leg corduroy pant, the Rhyder is equal parts environmental, comfortable, and stylish. Our copywriter thought they were so comfortable, that she even did a full set of lunges in them. Success!

From Chrissy

“I’m loving the soft tops. Yes, I’m talking about you Peri and Arlington. And I’d have to say the Roma Traveler Pants are super comfortable and versatile. I go from work to play in these. BUT, the Rhyder Pant is the biggest surprise. The color choices are beautiful and they are comfortable! I wore these on travel days, driving and flying.”

The Roma Travelers, Fall 2023 tops, and the Rhyder Pant?! Thank you so much, Chrissy! Shop our entire collection now and choose from pieces that travel well, care about the environment, and make you feel stunning from the inside out.